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   Projectors in Education
El Rancho Unified School District

Lainie Rowell, Lead Learner
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Welcome Activity
How do you imagine using a projector in your classroom in the future?
Best Hopes? Worst Fears?

Equipment Overview

Set-up and Room Logistics
Out of the Box
360 Degree Tour of Projector
Connecting the projector to your laptop
Resolution on your computer
Hooking up a VCR or Game Consoles (Say goodbye to your bulky TV)
iPod with AV Cable
Remote Control Features

Goals and Expectations For Session
How much do you already know about projectors in the classroom?
Poll Everyehere - Multiple Choice Poll
What do you want to get out of this session?
Poll Everywhere - Open Ended

Online Media and Finding Resources Online

    * Images and Video
          o Search Creative Commons and Google Images (Advanced Search)
          o The Internet Archive (Examples: India in 1959; MLK Interview; Sun Basics)
          o Library of Congress - Explore Primary Sources (Prints and Photographs)
          o TeacherTube and YouTube - TubeTV
             Tip: Use or to convert content that is appropriate, but the hosting site is blocked.
          o Educational Podcasts: iTunes, Educational Podcasting Network, Yahoo Podcasts, Podcast Alley or Podomatic (Also recommended: TED Talks)
          o Khan Academy
          o Create your own images and videos with Jing!, or Screencast-o-matic. (Example: MathTrain)
          o Skype with authors, experts, and other students outside the classroom (Make the global connection, use ePals to find other classrooms)

    * Other
          o Google Earth and Google SketchUp
          o Google Lit Trips
          o Concept Maps (Inspiration, Mindomo)
          o Make a slide show in iPhoto for Parent Conferences, Open House, etc


Information Literacy - November Learning

    * Effective Search Practices
    * Validating Resources
    * November Learning - Information Literacy Resources
Better Presentations

    * Presentation Tips
          o Garr Reynolds' Presentation Tips
          o Presentation Zen
          o Presenters' University
          o PowerPoint Tutorial

    * Interactive Presentations
          o Powerpoint Game Templates (Jeopardy, Millionaire)          
          o The poor man's SMART board: project on a white board
          o Animation for Education -- Kerpoof
          o Embedded Media
          o Powerpoint Game Templates
    * Online Presentations
          o Slideshare
          o Google Docs
          o Prezi - Example: Ancient Civilizations  
          o Display a slide show during parent conferences or Open House

Best Resource in Every Classroom

Reflection Activity

1. How has your understanding of the ways a projector can change the student learning experience changed?
2. What do you most want to implement next in your classroom?
3. What are your first steps?

Evaluations: Online Evaluation

Practice and Coaching Time (If Time)

Adapted from  Many thanks to Dr. Mark Wagner, PD Coordinator, CUE and Youssef Elias, CUEtoYOU Lead Learner


Peter Halverson shared that he bought an inexpensive VGA cable that works fine from (25 foot long for only $13.26)