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Document Cameras in Education
El Rancho Unified School District. 

Agenda -
AVerMedia 355AF 

Overview Demo

  • Setup
  • Basic Operation
  • Teacher Use
  • Student Use
  • Innovative Tips and Tricks

Hands-on With Document Cameras

  • Setup
  • Basic Operation
  • Overview of Remote Control
  • Zoom (microscope)
  • Tips and Tricks

Advanced Use

  • Image Capture
    • Use as a Scanner
  • Video Capture
  • Included Software (Mac or PC) (Aver+)
  • Annotation Features
    • Add Notes
    • Create Drawings
    • Highlight Important Details
    • Erase Partial Images (Like "Covering" or "Dragging" a Transparency)

How Document Cameras Change The Classroom

Ways students and teachers can use document cameras in various elementary level subjects:
  • All Subjects
    • Showcase student work!
    • Display any paper, textbook, or 3D object in the room!
    • Show and Tell
    • Teaching Plans/Instruction for Substitute Teachers (for Doc. Camera models that record demonstrations)
  • Reading
    • Make any book a big book! (Consider jigsaw or other interactive reading strategies!)
    • Site Words
    • Flash Cards
  • Writing
    • Group Writing
    • Group Editing
    • Share Examples
  • Oral Language
    • Project Visual Aids
    • Model Note Cards
    • Teleprompter
  • Math
    • Rulers, Compasses, and Other Math Instruments
    • Manipulatives
    • Group Problems and/or Correcting
  • Science
    • Diagrams
    • Specimens
    • Dissections
  • Social Studies
    • Maps
    • Artifacts
  • Art
    • Display the Masters
    • Model Techniques
    • Gallery or Recital
  • And More:

In the article Are Document Cameras the Next Big Thing? by Susan Brooks-Young, teachers identified four major changes:
  • More class time devoted to discussions of students’ written work and thought processes
  • Increased numbers of students, especially English language learners, sharing and explaining their work
  • Growing student confidence in their mathematical abilities and better comprehension of concepts
  • Increased teacher understanding of students’ thought processes

Reflection Activity

1. What do you most want to try in your classroom right away?

2. What do you most want to take the time to implement?

3. What do you most want to learn more about?

Practice Time

Online Evaluation


101 Ways Kennewick Teachers Use Document Cameras [PDF Document]
100 Ideas for Data Projectors and Document Cameras Bookmarks for Document_Camera
Are Document Cameras the Next Big Thing? (Article by Susan Brooks-Young)

Adapted from by

Dr. Mark Wagner, and Eva Wagner,