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2010-05-05 Document Camera in Education Workshop at ERUSD

Note: See the bottom for some great follow up answers!

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Jon Corippo -  -  Ryan Hansen -

Today's Agenda (also available on the downloadable slideshow, below):

How are you feeling about this tool?
*Concerned at all?

Ideas for the Classroom

World Cafe Group Activity
*What can we do with a doc cam tomorrow?

Lets open them up
*Plug them in and play

What the Remote Can Do
*Going over the buttons on the remote

Advanced Training
*Making videos

Helpful Links

101 Ways Kennewick Teachers Use Document Cameras [PDF Document]
100 Ideas for Data Projectors and Document Cameras Bookmarks for Document_Camera
Are Document Cameras the Next Big Thing? (Article by Susan Brooks-Young)

Online Evaluation

Follow up FAQs
We had a lot of great questions today, here are answers for everyone to see.

Use Document Camera and Laptop at the same time,

Hook your doc cam up to your tv with the s-video cable or the black video cable, and hook your laptop up to your projector.  No extra cables required!!!

To Change your SLIDESHOW settings:

Click the Slideshow button on remote to activate the slideshow
• While in slideshow mode: Click the menu on the remote
• set the slide interval
• slide show effect/transition
• set the storage to play off of (flash drive, internal or SD card)

MORE Powerful Menu buttons on your remote

Click Menu>Basic-Mode:
There is a "Graphics" (better video) and microscope setting (if you buy an adapter)

Click Menu>Advanced: 
Put the White Balance in Manual mode (if your picture has an odd color shift)

Click Menu>Presentation:
AVERBOX: set color of box, background shade and box size
AVERVISOR: set the color and shade of the visor
Set the timer - from one to 120 minutes

Click Menu>Recording:
Setting: Recording format, you can choose SD Card, USB, Doc Cam

Also on your remote:
Use the zoom and zoom reset button to go back to normal view