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2011-06-21 Document Camera Workshop, Twin Rivers USD

  • Unboxing the IPEVO Point to View USB Camera
  • Using the IPEVO Point to View
  • Supporting Apps
  • Classroom Applications
  • Activity
Point to View Links
  • 2 Megapixel USB web camera, with macro mode for excellent closeup images
  • Unique, multi-jointed stand, handheld grip, and universal monitor clip for unlimited view options
  • Continuous or single-click autofocus for clarity and sharpness every time
  • One-touch snapshot mode; snapshots can be refined and organized with included software
  • Plug-and-play for both PC and Mac; seamless integration with a wide variety of IM applications

  • Reflection Activity

    1. What do you most want to try in your classroom right away?

    2. What do you most want to take the time to implement?

    3. What do you most want to learn more about?

    YouTube Video

    Low Light Situation Tips

    Piece of Paper