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2011-06-22 iPod Touch in Education, Twin Rivers USD

  • Unboxing the iPod & Setup 
  • Basic Operation
    • The Controls
    • Settings
    • Getting Online
    • iTunes Accounts
  • iTunes U
  • iPod App Store
  • Teacher Use
  • Student Use
  • Innovative Tips and Tricks
The Tool: iPod Touch

Apple Resources:
How to create an iTunes Account (Simple and Recommended):

Lead Learner:

Jim Sill
Google Certified Teacher
Google Apps EDU Certified Trainer
Apple Distinguished Educator
El Diamante High School
Visalia, CA
mistersill (Twitter)

Online Evaluation

Activity 1: Twin Rivers District Office Reporter
Goal: To create a short video as if you were a reporter for your local newspaper.  Your task as this news reporter is to produce a short video about your district.
  • Find your saved images in your Photos
  • Open up the SonicPics Lite and import the 3 images 
  • Drag your images to change their order
  • Write a script that will cover all the areas mentioned 
  • Practice speaking with inflection.
  • When ready, click record to narrate the movie. As you narrate you can move to the next image and keep speaking by sliding your finger over the image from left to right.
  • When you're finished, save and preview the movie
  • Share your video, send your video to

Activity 2 - The Amazing QR Code Race

Goal: Using
iPods and QR Codes in the classroom.  Race to locations and perform activities that require the use of iPod apps.  Who will win? 

Activity 3 (time permitting): Annotate an eBook
  • The End of Books? (Blog Post)
  • Create an account at or login.
  • Download the Kindle App for iPad.
  • Register your kindle (from inside the app).
  • Download Bullying by Dr. Sabina Dosani. 
  • Annotate Chapter 3: Switched On: Online Bullying
  • View your annotations online at
  • BONUS: Search your annotations, and cut-and-paste them... or save and share them using another service, like Evernote. :)
  • Optional: Check out Apple's iBooks for free too. (Link may not work.)

Reflection Activity
How do you plan to use the iPad in your role as an educator?
How do you plan to use it with students?