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2012-02-28 Podcasting in Education

Come back often ~   

Agenda ~
Why's and How's
Fine tuning
Reflection and Evaluation

The New Podcasting ~ Edison MIddle

Let's practice ~
  1. Partner with someone else in the room
  2. Decide on the topic of your 3 minute podcast
    • Introduce each other
    • Review a recently seen movie
    • Summarize a recently read book/article
    • Explain how to make a GOOD sandwich
    • ???
  3. Sketch out your story - 6 mins tops!
  4. Walk (well, talk) through at least once
  5. Record using Vocaroo
  6. If you are happy with your recording be ready to share with the larger group, if not happy - redo it!
Fine tuning ~
Audio Editors
What about sound effects?
Reflection ~
  • In small groups of at least 3 consider what you have learned today
  • Share in your small group one "aha" or takeaway
  • Decide on the "aha" moment your group will share with the larger group
Resources ~

Google Voice

iPadio - phonecasting (Should work in LAUSD)

Some great planning sheets from my friend Brent Coley

Download a booklet from Learning in Hand "Podcasting for Teachers and Students"

My Diigo links for more

Some Podcasting ideas from Doug Peterson - 
  • Record a Podcast of the Morning Announcements and post directly to the school website so that those not in attendance and parents know what's going on.
  • Create a trailer after a class reads a book to summarize the plot and key points.
  • Use a podcast to retell a story read in class.
  • Summarize a lesson and post to a class website so that those who missed class can get caught up.
  • Create a podcast to complement class or personal blogs.
  • Create a podcast to post an interview with guest speakers, other teachers, or the principal about a topic of the day.
  • Document how to perform a particular task.
  • Play a historical role and explain to your listeners what you discovered and how you did it.
  • More Podcasting Ideas.

Shameless plug for my podcast~

Lead Learner ~

Sean Williams
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