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Apple TV in Education

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Get things streaming with the Apple TV

Apple TV gives you access to everything you want to see, hear and interact with — Apps, Internet shows, podcasts, movies, and photos — right on your projector or TV. 



Overview of the workshop/website 

Apple TV Setup


  • What's in the box?
  • How to set it up - The Basics  (Video)
  • Hardware Needed?  (HDMI Converter)
  • Different settings to take a look at (Naming, passwords, etc)
  • Different Remotes to use. (hardware of software)
  • Setup HomeSharing on Computers
  • Troubleshooting

Create, Collect and Aggregate content - in the Classroom or Cafeteria

  • Creating Content
    • Videos (classroom videos)
    • Garageband (podcasts)
    • Keynote (Signage/announcements for school/class)
    • iMovie (Morning Announcements)
    • Screencasting (How to videos)
  • Collect Content from Other Providers
    • iTunesU
    • Podcasts
    • Handbrake
    • Discovery Streaming/California Streaming (Sharing Libraries)
    • Photo Libraries
  • Aggregate Content
    • Playlists in iTunes to incorporate all of your content together

Final Comments Questions


About your Leader Learner

Mark Hammons
Apple Distinguished Educator
Google Certified Teacher
Google Apps Certified Trainer

Other Resources

Create the Apple TV as Digital Signage  for all of your needed outlets

Stop Internet Streaming (if your school blocks it)

On the Horizon - Mountain Lion will stream content from the Mac Desktop.
Can't wait?  Try it now with AirParrot now

Apple TV  & iOS5 - The perfect match!

  • Apps from the iPad, anywhere in the room! (iOS Mirroring)
    • The Elements
    • iBooks
    • Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore
  • Videos & Music from the iPad
  • Photo Streams & Photo Libraries
  • Use your AppleTV and iPad as a virtual whiteboard or document camera.
Activity #1 - In groups of two, break up and each person should take about 10 minutes to setup the Apple TV.  Be sure to name it accordingly. Airplay some apps to your Apple TV. 

Activity #2 - From the desktop computers in the room, search for playing content to the AppleTV through HomeSharing (must be turned on for both the AppleTV and the computer you're on. 

Activity #3 - Use either Keynote or PowerPoint to create a movie of event happening at your school or place of work.  Export as movie and then add to iTunes Library. Don't forget to edit the properties of the file to categorize it accordingly. 

Activity #4 - Explore some resources out on the web, and create a playlist that contains a couple of different versions of media (podcasts, movies, audio, etc). 

Activity #5 - There are bunch of great apps out there that let you create content. Grab one of these free apps (I recommend Screen chomp) to record a short video of a projects for your class that you can use later on.  With Screenchomp, you can download as an MP4 and then import into your iTunes library!