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iPad for Educational Leaders

With iBooks Author, your staff and your students can fulfill their potential as publishing authors. Not only can you create interactive multi-touch textbooks, but your students can create their own books, including embedded images, movies, audio clips, and links to the Internet. Walk away from this workshop with your freshly created books that can be shared and enjoyed on any iPad.

Features of iBooks

Hour 1 Agenda
Introduction to interactive iBooks
  • Download and explore interactive textbooks from the iTunes bookstore
  • Practice highlighting and notetaking in an iBook
  • Create and use study cards
Creating an iBook
  • Create and format an iBook
  • Add text
  • Add information to the iBook from other sources, eg. Word documents, PowerPoint presentations

Hour 2 Agenda
Adding multimedia to an iBook
  • Add images
  • Add audio clips
  • Add video clips
  • Add links to online resources
Enhancing Student interaction to an iBook
  • Add a glossary
  • Add review activities

Hour 3 Agenda
Sharing an iBook
  • Save and publish an iBook to your iPad
  • Share iBooks amongst attendees
Workshop wrap-up
  • Final questions and answers
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