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Docs and Forms Reno 4 28 12

Google Presentation


Introduction to Docs
Fill out this getting to know you form

Sample document

  • Create a document
  • Click on the blue share button and share it with person near you.
    (Can also share with if you want)
  • Change the sharing options to make the document publicly viewable.
  • Create a policy document, with the person you shared,concerning behavior at a school event. 
    • Create a title
    • Use bullet points
    • Insert a drawing
      • Resize by holding down shift key as you resize.
  • Use the insert menu to insert comments on the side to discuss the document without altering the document.
  • Download the document as a PDF or Word.
  • Email the link to the document to someone you did not share the document with so they can view it.
  • Using the insert menu publish the document.
Introduction to Forms
Here is a link to walkthrough forms that download as a word document.
Here is a link to the classroom walkthrough checklist that has been recreated as a Google Form.  Results click here.
  • Look at results
  • View summary responses
  • Investigate the Forms Menu
  • Demo of Pivot table

  • Create a Google Form
    • Suggestion have a field requesting email address, makes sending feedback significantly easier.
  • Have at least 3 question types
  • Duplicate a question
  • Insert a section header and a page break
  • Under more actions choose "edit confirmation"
  • Click on blue link at the bottom to go to live form
  • Email form (possibly use to shorten form)
  • Submit sample data
  • View your data

Sample Forms to Investigate

Bonus Activities (time permitting)
Modify your form to pre-slug fields.
  • Append to the end of the form URL 
    • Note that the first field starts at zero.
    • Note that if you moved fields around in your design field 5 might be in position 8
    • Make sure the #gid=0 is NOT at the end of the URL
  • Install the flubaroo script and email out feedback. 
Ideas for using forms for Administrators.  

Google Spreadsheet Form

Google Spreadsheet

Additional Google Docs Tools:

Apps Training From Google

Great Content from the EdTechTeam

Google Docs Video Tutorials 
(Great for self-grading quizes!)

Iron Chef Examples:
Some of my former adult students' work
Another former student at work, with her kids
Dystopia example

Additional Form ideas from Jen Roberts GTAWA '11
Google Form and English Class

Other Classroom Ideas For Google Docs: