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CUE Lead Learner 

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  Michael Niehoff

Michael Niehoff is currently a Systems & Leadership Coach in the Curriculum & Instruction Division with the Fresno County Office of Education. He has been a secondary educator for 25 years as a teacher, advisor, director of activities, learning director and principal. He is the founding principal of 21st century Minarets High School, a project-based, 1:1 program that emerged in 2008. He is a regular education blogger for several education sites, as well with his own education blog (Edu Change & Advocacy). He is a Google Certified Teacher and CUE Lead Learner who regularly presents on contemporary and progressive education issues. His focused areas include, but are not limited to project-based learning, social media literacy, transformational leadership, student voice & choice, ed tech integration, school redesign and more. He is a past CUE & CVCUE Site Leader of the Year, as well as an ACSA Region IX Secondary Principal of the Year. Follow him on Twitter @mwniehoff.